Godxilla Music Videos

With a 30 year history of music production and promotion I have a pretty solid catalog of music and videos that I have created. This page does not reflect the work that I perform for a bunch of other artists and companies in the realm of video production. If you'd like to learn more about that side of what I do feel free to pop on over to THE MOUNTAINTOP for a better look at those services.

I Want to live

I hate watching Americans die from covid. There were so many lies about it that it made me want to sing a song so I did. I never released the song for streaming, just the video. I knew very shortly after that 3'iller was the next thing I wanted to release.

I bought a tuba

I got a line on a tuba for the low low so I went and scooped it up. The end result of that purchase ended up on the Baby Drew LP "Doctor Grind" in the song "One Nation Underground." What happened when I brought it home is as follows:

I Might have a bar or two left

Here I'm is with my main man Briminem doing the most!