Godxilla Music Videos

With a 30 year history of music production and promotion I have a pretty solid catalog of music and videos that I have created. This page does not reflect the work that I perform for a bunch of other artists and companies in the realm of video production. If you'd like to learn more about that side of what I do feel free to pop on over to THE MOUNTAINTOP for a better look at those services.


The second video released from the "Dino Brain" LP is the title track itself. It's an artistic look at the kind of focus we have around here when it comes to making records. Hyper focused all we see are the records and we box out distractions. That's Dino Brain... Enjoy!

Your Engineer's engineer

The Great Lakes General is back with his first single from the "Dino Brain" LP. Your Engineer's Engineer is a reminder that the only creatures who can live on the top of a mountain are Bigfoot and goats. The Mountaintop is cooking in 2021 as this is our fourth release of 2021 and the 3rd in April alone.

As the supreme overlord of all things recorded Godxilla has unprecedented access to recording studios all over the world. The video for Your Engineer's Engineer gives you an exclusive look into some of the dopest studios that the Great Lakes has to offer.

Special thanks to Dustin Boyle who owns "The Spaceship" in Madison, WI. That's the one with the big stage. The second studio is in Sosonic studios also in Madison, WI. That big beautiful room with the SSL is piloted by an assassin named Matt La Plant. The third studio is National Recording LLC in Milwaukee, WI owned by Daniel Zelonky. Daniel has an absolutely insane cut of vintage analog gear.

Big thanks to all of the guys for letting me bug them with a camera. There are only so many ways I can show my own studio before we all get bored looking at it so I needed to move around. Thanks for watching. Please like and subscribe. Streaming Links are available on my website!


We were kickin' it, smoked out, chillin and ish. Then I pulled up Eric Sermon React and I said man I always loved this song....from there it was on. Took an hour to make and less to film! Enjoy MF's!