Welcome to the alcatraz era

The name Alcatraz Recording era spanned 2002 - 2007. The first building was 4701 west Mill Road. Due to some circumstances out of our control we had to move out of that address after a few months. We took it back to the green house for a couple of months while we developed Alcatraz 2. Alcatraz 2 is the universally recognized Alcatraz but the name worked for both because they were across the street from each other. Alcatraz 2 was on 4605 west Woolworth Avenue right behind studio 1.

This page contains the history of these projects as told by their producer and label owner Godxilla.

Godxilla Presents

The Good The Bad and The Ugly

While the Good The Bad and the Ugly was recorded primarily in the Green House it was actuthe ally recorded between Alcatraz 1 and Alcatraz 2 recording studios. I had LPs with Coo Coo Cal and MC Ron Skii under my belt so when we dropped this project. It was also the first LP we had a website for. You know because you were special if you had one of those. I remember paying $1,800 for that website. LOL hindsight right? 

This LP would mark the first time I used the name Godxilla on a project. The equipment started to get better and we were really rolling. It was easy to have an inflated ego at this point in time. There was no reason. no FL studio, nothing but drum machines and Keyboards. I can remember getting $500 a track every day all day in 2001-2002. The result of this was being the person that everyone had to come see, shich made my knives sharper. Not as sharp as young silly me thought they were but still sharp enough to feed my family.

The cover from left to right for the core group are Champ, Killa Joe, Mad Man, Godxilla, Tony O'z and Lil Mama. Other guest appearances included, Coo Coo Cal, Gage the Governor (RIP), Ice Mone, Pimp Snooky, Rolla Boy and Cash Ball, Du Ragg, and Erin Mclemore.