The Music of Godxilla

Ton Of Soul Records

Established in 1999

Since 1999 Ton Of Soul Records has brought you each and every record that was funded by Godxilla. Since Godxilla primarily functioned as a music producer and engineer for the first 12 years of his career the early albums contain features from dozens of artists that Godxilla has worked with.

2012 saw the start of Godxilla releasing 2 comedy albums, "Regular People Rap" and "Back On Crack. The song "My Dingaling" From BOC serves to this day as Godxilla's most streamed song.

After a few years of studio and film work in Los Angeles Godxilla returned to Milwaukee in 2017 and since then has released a flurry of albums. This website focuses on some of the more recent record releases. We will start from today and work our way backwards ok?


We Don't Smoke Reggie

Today is 4/20 and in the spirit of giving we give to you a video for one of our THC infused anthems, "We Don't Smoke Reggie." Check out the vid and pop on over to RAWCONEPIRATES.COM to see more crazy music videos like these.

Baby need new shoes

Here's a look at me and my kids having a good time in the studio. They love recording and filming. Hopefully when they get older they won't have to work regular jobs and can just live to create art or whatever they want to do. Until then I will just keep making records about keeping them clean. :)

Don't hide it divide it