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Welcome to the dark side / Decepticon Headquarters / Hall of Doom / Planet Freiza, that's right my website mutherbi@#%$! Ha ha ha ha music should be fun, just like life. We believe in making great music up here in the Great Lakes. Our waters stretch from Minneapolis to Pittsburgh and from Cincinnati to the Upper Peninsula. We are an emerging mega region with a sound of our own. 

Great Lakes music is melodic, the drums are hard, the bass definitely muddy. Music is expression and because of that should be art. We understand that we need fun and nonsense too. That makes for a well balanced artist and community. For that reason we don't look at someone's true expression and judge it. We accept it and do what we can to help it grow. That is who we are as a team and a family. Welcome to the Great Lakes. The home of the Raw Cone Pirates and the 414 General, Godxilla.



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New Vids

Godxilla V 40Mil Beat Battle

Here it is ladies and gentlemen the showdown that the Great Lakes has been waiting to see. Two titans from the City of Milwaukee. Godxilla Vesus 40Mil (Da Monsta), man to man beast to beast. We trolled each other super hard on social and the beats we brought to the table were the best we could bring. We both really wanted to win, but we're both good friends who became close because of this competition. 

That's what Hip Hop can do, it doesn't have to be used as a tool to divide us. In a beat battle producers really don't care if it's trap, techno, boom bap, etc... it doesn't matter to us. We just want to hear a good beat. 40 Mil won this battle and I am more than ok with that. I battled someone who on this night was judged to be stronger than me. Back to the weight room I go. 

The MKE Big Beat Battle was brought to you and hosted by the good people over at Breaking And Entering and they still have a couple weeks of battling going on Thursday June 13, 2019 and Thursday June 20, 2019. The event is being held at the Jackalope Lounj 345 N Broadway in Milwaukee. 

This battle was also sponsored by: Nostalgic Visuals Isharai Artist Management Mystery Room Mastering Activate MKE Tracklib 414 Milwaukee Canni-MKE @jJoshua Scarver - Personal Branding Consultant and Modern Era Clothing. Thank you to Shawn Matthewfor helping me with the camera work. 

On behalf of all of the producers in the battle I want to thank the people and the sponsors for supporting a night for us. We train in the lab everyday working hard to get better and make records that no one has ever heard before. It's nice to take a break out of a music production schedule to bang out with heavyweights of the same caliber. I can't wait to see Spice God Verses 40Mil. 


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