An Orisha Awakened

The first single off “An Orisha Awakened” is “Massa Let Us Play Football” please enjoy and share!

Music is Medicine II: The Return of the Dragon

The third and final single from Music is Medicine II is “Stick To What You’re Good At”

The second single from Music is Medicine II was the anthem “We Got Old But We Still Good”

Here is the first single from Music is Medicine II: Zoom (The Return of the Dragon)


Over my career I have wanted to have fun and make music that I enjoy. Here are a few videos that I have that align with that mantra.

Godxilla – The Message”


Godxilla – $LAVE MUSIC


The Ton of Soul Empire – I’m Sick and Tired


Godxilla – I Need To Lose Some Weight


Godxilla – You Used To Look Good


Godxilla – You’re Still Here


Godxilla – Halloween Bag Snatcher


Godxilla – Coffee


Godxilla – I’m not that Babies Daddy