A look into Godxilla’s bio or origins if you will can’t be discussed without a the City of Milwaukee. Early on Chris “Godxilla” Taylor  learned early on that he had an aptitude to create music. The first instrument that he learned how to play was the Trumpet at the age of 12 years old. By the age of 22, Chris was playing the Piano, Trumpet and Drums for Choirs at Jordan Missionary Baptist Church in Milwaukee, WI as an accomplished musician.

In that time span, Chris also began programming drum machines and learning how to use multi-track recorders. His first recording session was at Firebird Recording Studios (Milwaukee, WI) in the mid 1980’s at the age of 14. This path, in tandem with his musical development lead him to launch his own imprint “Ton Of Soul Records” along with his own studio, “Alcatraz Recording Studio”.

Godxilla has released over 10 albums on his independent label with various artists under his music production guidance. His first solo release titled “Music is Medicine”, became a Milwaukee classic with a well received single on it titled “Last Call”.

2015 Godxilla walked away from his positions in education and the Arts Commission in Madison, Wisconsin. He took his family to Los Angeles, California in search of new challenges and paths in life. He currently is recording and mixing in the greater Los Angeles area and has taken on field production as a new endeavor.

2017 has brought Godxilla full circle with a return home to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 2017 has also witnessed the release of Godxilla’s 4th solo album, Music Is Medicine II.

Godxilla MIMII The Return of the Dragon

Godxilla’s Musical Influences

Everyone has gotten a start somewhere. There is usually more than one force that helps guide us to destiny. These are a few names that helped point Godxilla in the direction of life, music and prosperity.

Darryl Thomas, Keith Clizark, Danny Leake, Rico Wade, Coo Coo Cal, Big Fuzz, Mad Lion, Dan Harjung, Lonzo Williams, Sticky Kingaz, KRS One, and Shorty B.

Godxilla studio credits include but are not limited to:

Coo Coo Cal

Pimpin Ken


Mad Lion

Josef Leimberg

The Dirty OGs

Lil Boosie

Daryl DMC McDaniels

Latoiya Williams

X Clan

Bishop Lamont

Jayo Felony



DJ Yutaka


Max Julian

Rico Wade

Shorty B

Bushwick Bill

Bizzy Bone

Sticky Fingaz

Talib Kweli

Shorty B

Big Psyche

Josef Leimberg


Lonzo Williams

Shante Moore


Godxilla The Sound Mixer

Godxilla has also began to amass Video Production Credits as a Location Recordist. The following companies have used his sound mixing services on location. Here is the link to his IMDB Page and you can see some of the companies that he has worked with below.

Imagination Upgraded


Day Storm Productions



Bleacher Report