Welcome to the page of Godxilla.com. This is my personal music site where I share my recorded works with the public at large. My entire life I have been a DIY music producer. I really enjoy making projects and sharing them with the world. From the act of dropping the first snare to the press of the upload button for YouTube, it all gets a rise out of me.

Three Days Left

May 15, 2018

I never really thought about how many people have mama issues lol, its funny but man people were really weird on Mother’s Day. Anyways, just because… I said let me drop Three Days Left a little bit early and bam. Here we go, enjoy!


Happy Mother’s Day

May 12, 2018

So I guess a captains log is a cool way to run this site for a little bit. It feels more personal. Today is Mother’s Day so I figured I would break script from holding songs until I drop an album and drop one that I have been working on from my new LP early. Happy Mother’s Day is a song on my album that will come out this summer titled “The Quest To Reunite Pangea.” I liked it so much that I couldn’t wait until Mother’s Day 2019 to release it and celebrate my mother and my friend’s mothers, so I am dropping the song with a mother’s day slideshow to boot.

What’s happening now is a new album! I dropped Music Is Medicine II on Halloween 2017. I recorded that while living in Los Angeles, but when I got back home to Milwaukee which is my birthplace, I had a musical explosion that I couldn’t really control. That said, I created the 17 song collection that is out right now.


Godxilla Orisha Osumare

An Orisha Awakened is for me a master collection. There are 17 tracks of new material in a style that was given to me from the source. I embraced veganism on December 5, 2017 and that change in my life allowed me to elevate my thinking and my sound. Here are the links to purchase or stream the collection.

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The first single that we dropped was titled “Massa Let Us Play Football.” It’s a reminder that while these NFL playoffs are going on, the collusion that has kept Colin Kaepernick out of the league continues to roll on. I understand both sides of the argument for watching or boycotting football. I can’t in good conscious sit here and watch football when I watch a man give up everything he has ever worked for in defense of my rights as a human being. In honor of his sacrifice, Massa Let us play football is here!

Peace and Blessings to you all! Please share the video if you feel so inclined! LOL Hate mail is welcome too!


This is the start of An Orisha Awakened. Its the world that I left behind. When I started this album I was a carnivore and I liked liquor and beer. Not I am a vegan and prefer a glass of red wine. I think this song really embodies what I was when I started this album. I don’t condemn these actions in other people, I think my truth is my own and as this record is about my transformation. It is also a celebration of humanity.






On October 31, 2017 I released Music is Medicine II (The Return Of The Dragon). Here is the link to it in iTunes and on Spotify!

You can download the album on iTunes


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Here is a preview of the album and while a stream isn’t worth as much as a purchase, it still helps and counts!


We Got Old But We Still Good is an anthem for all of us who know we getting up there but know we ain’t no where near done! Let’s party like we got a long way to go!

Music Is Medicine II is now live and direct and to celebrate the release of my latest collection I decided to walk back and take a look at the history of my label and its releases. Here it is, 18 years in 2 minutes!

Godxilla of Old

In 2004 I set about to create my first solo album. With the help of a really crack team of artists by my side we created Music is Medicine. The album received a cult following in Wisconsin as my most celebrated work to that point. Thanks largely in part to DJ Heathen and his proclamations about how much he still loves that album I decided to create a sequel to that album.

Godxilla MIMII The Return of the Dragon

I was working on a project called “The Unprofessionals.” It was going to be a comedy joint with a bunch of inappropriate songs about what not to do at work. The guy I wanted to front the project flaked and I was left with a dozen records that had no purpose. That gave us the suggested mid-tempo ballad “Office Sex”. The rest of the project is purely off the top of the dome and it should sound fresh and different.

I have to give a big thanks to everyone who helped me create the joint. Luckily I did attach a PDF to the itunes download. If you buy the album you will actually get liner notes! The first video to the album is “The Return of the Dragon (Zoom).” Here is the video that goes with it!.